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4 – 6 March 2018, Guangzhou


INTERMOLD-Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition

Intermold 2016 onsite

INTERMOLD has been leading Japanese mold industry more than 25 years as an exhibition to showcase state-of-the-art mold technology in Japan. Nowadays the manufacturing industry is globalized. We need a platform to offer companies with a global competitive advantage can deliver the latest technolgy and information, and execute active business communication.

Product group

The exhibition for die and mold manufacturing technology with:
•Metal Machine Tools
•Machining Tools
•Metal Forming
•Grinding Machines
•Molding Machines of all kinds and related equipment
•Mold Bases
•Die & Mold Materials
•Die & Mold Working Systems
•High Speed Steels
•Cemented Carbide Tools & Diamond Tools
•Grinding Wheel & Abrasives
•Precision Measuring, Optical Measuring
•Additive Manufacturing, 3D printers
•CAD/CAM/CAE Systems
•Rapid Prototyping
•Robots, Automation
•Ultra High Precision Manufacturing Technology
•Design and Modeling Service Bureau
•FA Related Apparatuses
•Literature Related to Die & Mold Manufacturing

The exhibition of the die and mold by the die and mold makers for the parts manufacturers with:
•Mold Materials
•Mold Components
•Formed Products
•Other Related Products and Technology

The exhibition that metal stamping manufacturers and machine makers present their state of the art metal working technology with:
•Metal Stamping Technology
•Press Forming Machines
•Servo Press Machines
•Transfer Press Machines
•Forging Press Machines
•Accessories & Tools for Forming Machines

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